Aspect: Quantity and Number

This aspect is in the main category: Content Knowledge and Skills

Aspect: Quantity and number; proportion and ratio

ConceptNumerate behaviourTools
Z2Understands advanced algebraUses algebra in advanced professional settingsMay use advanced digital programs for scientific purposes
Z1Understands the concept of elementary algebraUses elementary algebra such as squaring, comparisons, substitutionMay use algebra as a basis for logical reasoning and digital knowledge like for programming software
Y2Understands the concept of proportional reasoningUses proportional reasoning to solve complex mathematical problems in professional settings Can do more complex computations with fractions, decimals, percent, promilleMay use more advanced spreadsheets for professional use.
Y1Understands the concept of proportions and ratiosUses operations with key fractions, decimals and percent like 0,5, 0,10, 0,25, ½, ¼, 10%, 25%May use a calculator and spreadsheets for doing computations in work situations
X2Understands the concept of whole numbers, fractions and decimalsUses basic operations with whole numbers, fractions and decimals in everyday life situationsMay use mental computations, pen and paper and a calculator for doing computations, e.g. with money or measurement units.
X1Understands the concept of quantity and number and basic operationsUses all four basic operations with whole numbers in personal lifeMay use mental arithmetic, pen and paper and calculator for doing basic operations