Common European Numeracy Framework

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Entrepreneurship INTRODUCTION The traditional courses of mathematics education are organised by delivering theoretical knowledge and problem-solving techniques to students. But in order to give students real-world skills which they can use in the real world, entrepreneurship must be incorporated into math classes as the world changes. Students can gain vital skills like creativity, problem-solving, and … Read more


Awareness INTRODUCTION The objective of this module is to discuss challenges regarding numeracy awareness in our daily lives where numeracy is pertinent. The table in the background information summarizes the main challenges related to numeracy awareness embedded in the different social contexts of our lives. The fact that numeracy in real life is often presented … Read more


Health and care INTRODUCTION Health and numeracy intersect in several key ways, highlighting important issues that impact individuals and communities. Addressing these key issues at the intersection of health and numeracy is essential for promoting better health outcomes and ensuring equitable access to healthcare resources. KEY ISSUES At  the intersection of health and numeracy are … Read more


Finances INTRODUCTION Numeracy is a key skill that supports all aspects of financial literacy, enabling individuals to manage their finances effectively and make informed decisions. Finances and numeracy are closely intertwined, and several key issues revolve around their intersection. Enhancing numeracy skills and promoting financial education are critical steps in addressing these key issues, empowering … Read more