History of the project

Some extra information on the history of this project by Mieke van Groenestijn

Prior projects to the CENF project are the MiA project (Mathematics in Action) and the ENF project, the latter in which BFI-OÖ, Austria was a partner (Marlies Auer). The focus in the MiA project was on teacher training in adult numeracy education, in which seven European countries participated. The ENF project was a first try to come to a better focus on adult numeracy in Europe. I sent you the final publications of both. The focus of CENF is to establish a framework that suits the most of European countries and will really support the need for a better numerate society, given the PIAAC results. This means that vulnerable low-numerate adults must be encouraged to get to a higher level of numeracy, whatever in what way.  

For this, we need and want to create flexible learning situations for adults, supported by qualified teachers. That is the ultimate goal of the PDMs. To achieve this we may build on the results of prior international projects as, for example, MiA. But, on the international level there is already more information on adult learning and teaching adults.

The question, however, is what adults need in the 21st society and what competencies are necessary for teachers in adult education. And how flexible should it be?
But also, how can we challenge European countries to become more interested and focus more on vulnerable low-numerate (and low-literate) adults, so that they are willing to arrange facilities for better participation of those adults in society.   

So, the framework and the professional development modules are part of a bigger idea to come to a European understanding of the importance of numeracy in general and to a system that may improve the quality of learning and teaching numeracy in adult education.