PDM = Professional Development Modules (UK) ===>
NM= Nascholingsmodules (NL)
FM = Fortbildungsmodule (D)
MF = módulos de formación en servicio (ES)

El objetivo de los módulos de desarrollo profesional (PDM) es apoyar a los profesores y voluntarios de educación de adultos en sus actividades educativas sobre aritmética con sus participantes adultos. El objetivo de las actividades educativas es mejorar la calidad del comportamiento numérico de los participantes en estas actividades. Los PDM son para apoyar a los profesores y voluntarios que guían estas actividades y aumentan sus competencias como docentes y entrenadores.

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All PDMs address two issues:

  1. What competencies do adults need to be numerate in the future society? What mathematical knowledge and skills are necessary to become numerate? How to solve numeracy related questions, problems in real-life situations?
  2. How to teach numeracy in adult education? What competencies do teachers need for teaching numeracy in adult education? 

This list of modules is a first attempt to systematically work improvement of the quality of teaching and better learning outcomes of adults in adult education. The underlying issue was: How to set up modules for teacher training that are usable for international use in European countries?

List of modules

This is the list of the modules we developed. The modules will be available in English, Spanish, Dutch and German. Please contact us if you want to add translations into your local languages to be used in professional development meetings.

Challenges of the 21st century
Will be published spring 2021
Aspects of Numeracy
Will be published spring 2021
Prior knowledge (Teachers and Particpants)
Will be published spring 2021
Modeling problems in everyday life
Will be published spring 2021
Analysing situations
Will be published spring 2021
Managing situations
Will be published spring 2021
Problem Solving
Further Learning
Will be published spring 2021
Will be published spring 2021
Math Anxiety
Will be published spring 2021
Vulnerable groups
Will be published spring 2021


Numeracy is a multifaceted concept, numerate behaviour is therefor a phenomenon influenced by many factors. The quality of numerate behaviour of an individual is dependent on a combination of factors shown in the diagram below. Numerate behaviour depends on all four facets that are shown in our model. Components of each main category of factors can be discerned in every real life situation. This indicates that numeracy teaching in adult education should relate in one way or another to the factors in the model. This is the core and starting point of the modules.

Some more information can be found in the History of the project