Increasing quality of numerate behaviour - Developmental trajectories

We distinguish roughly three “environments” in which numerate practices take place. People dealing with numeracy problems in their personal situation (X), people using numeracy in media and public life (Y), and people who are using (Z1) or producing (Z2) numeracy or mathematical models in their professional life (Z).

For each aspect in this overview “What matters to improve numerical behaviour”, an attempt is made to describe the aspect for the three environments. 

Obviously, there is an increase in the complexity of the numerate practices from X to Y to Z. However, there is no linear or conditional order of categories, no firm boundaries, and the labels of the categories are certainly no thresholds.

When possible, a more precise distinction is made in sublevels: X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1, Z2.


For each aspect in the overview the description acoording to the environments X, Y, and Z can be found on this website:
(1) on the page of the main category
(2) on the page for each separate aspect, where you can also find more background information on the specific aspect, suggestions for activities, – if available – some measurement tools, and references to relevant literature.

Example of are main category page:
Example of a separate aspect page:

The general description in the six categories X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1, and Z2 can be found below or downloaded in this document.